Volt There is a Dutch foundation established in 2021 which started with the ambition to create a better place for all people and give them the hope, skills and knowledge to change it with us. Our ambition is implemented by two perspectives: within and outside the Volt community. European Volt teams can find inspiration, tools, and lessons learned through ‘Strengthen Volt’. While we can learn, work together, and achieve bigger impact with organisations worldwide with ‘Cooperate There’.

Have a look at our mission and join our movement.

Initiate participation and engage citizens

Strengthen Volt

Are you a starting or an established team? We can help you!

Our goal is to empower you as a team, give you that extra push that you might need, and consequently give you the energy to keep on going! We empower you within the range of ‘developing democracy’.

Cooperate There

International cooperation is crucial!

Connecting with local organisations that have knowledge and experience necessary to organise – together – impactful projects, discussions and other initiatives.

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