Why partner up?

At Volt There we understand that impactful change happens through strategic and lasting collaborations. Do you want to shape the future with us? Together, we pave the way for positive change and a lasting impact.

Mutual learning

We believe in the power of shared knowledge. By partnering up, your organisation gains access to a dynamic network that facilitates mutual learning and collaboration. Our aim is to work together to address specific issues while creating impactful, scalable, and sustainable projects.

Facilitate initiatives

Volt There is committed to making a difference in critical areas, including strengthening democratic values and the rule of law, creating a social and sustainable society, promoting equality and emancipation, and overall uniting European society. As our partner, your organisation will play a crucial role in shaping and implementing focused initiatives that align with your mission and goals.

International focus

By joining forces with Volt There, your organisation becomes part of a larger movement. We offer opportunities for international exposure, connecting you with like-minded organisations and providing a platform to showcase your work on a broader stage.

Shared values

We understand that building lasting partnerships requires time, effort, and a thoughtful approach. Volt There is dedicated to investing in the relationship-building process. Our team plans to conduct online introductions followed by physical visits, if possible, ensuring that partnerships are built on a foundation of trust and shared values.

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