Democracy through citizen's participation

At Volt There, our vision is of a world united in addressing critical democratic and global challenges such as climate change, equal opportunities, and migration. We believe in empowering individuals to actively participate and engage in shaping their societies and the global community. Our foundation envisions a future where citizens feel empowered to contribute meaningfully to democratic processes, bridging the gap between governments and the diverse populations they serve.

To achieve our vision, Volt There is dedicated to breaking the cycle of citizen disengagement and governmental disconnect. As an affiliate of the first pan-European party, we are uniquely positioned to foster connections among citizens across borders, addressing the root causes of political apathy and fostering a sense of collective responsibility.

We promote citizens participation in all processes related to democracy
and facilitate cooperation between citizens of different countries.

Why focus on participation?

Participation generally refers to the extent citizens have access to information and to the decision-making arena. In other words, it is the level to which citizens can understand information, engage with the information and use it to influence a specific area.

We are committed to promoting citizen participation in all aspects of democratic processes, fostering cooperation among citizens of different countries. Our approach includes: promoting dialogue through discussion with citizens all over Europe and beyond, promoting citizens engagement in various forms and across different countries, and then using this participatory process to create an impact.




Our values

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