Folkemødet 2024 Festival

Folkemødet takes place every year and is the biggest political event in Denmark, bringing 60.000+ people to the island of Bornholm in 2023. Folkemødet is a democracy festival that seeks to diminish distance and enhance trust between citizens and decision-makers. Encouraging dialogue and cooperation between citizens, businesses, NGO’s, IGO’s, and politicians. This three-day festival is the highlight of the Danish political calendar. Their goal is to grasp the momentum after the EP24 elections. Folkemødet will take place one week after the elections. After the pan-European campaign where we hopefully gained several more seats in the EP, this is the perfect moment to join Folkemødet with our own tent and host our own debates. This will help to give us visibility and legitimacy, and to attract new members!

More info?

Contact for more information regarding this initiative.

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