Frequent Asked Questions

If you want to apply for a Volt Discussion Series (VDS), you can apply through this form. Want more information regarding VDS? You can find all the important document on our VDS page.

If you want to apply for a project, you can apply through this form. You can find more information regarding projects on our projects page.

If you have another idea, that does not fit within the VDS or project realm, you can propose this to us via

There are no deadlines to submit for both your VDS and project proposal, so you can submit it whenever you like. However, we prefer for you to only submit a proposal when you know you will be able to actually organise it. This means setting up a team, having an idea when and where the event will take place, and what the theme is.

For both the options, as long as we still have budget available, we will try to accommodate and support.

The main goal of Volt There is to bring awareness to democratic values and strengthen the European Union. Read more about our aim here. This subsequently also translates to the events we would be willing to fund. 

For VSD, we specifically look if you are planning to organise more than just one. A series will have our preference. As well as, what your target audience is: students, youth, volters, non-volters, etc.

Regarding projects, we especially look if a project is reproducible, so we can share best practices with each other, and/or if the projects is a collaborative process between teams (in different countries). 

For the Volt Discussion Series (VDS) we have a starting budget of 300. However, if you are struggling to fit the costs within this budget we might be able to grant you more. You obviously need to have a clear reason why.

For all events – VDS, Projects, and other – to apply for more money, you can contact us via email with the reason of needing a bigger budget and the amount you need extra. 

You can apply for reimbursement through this form. Make sure that you have your receipt/invoice ready. We prefer if you submit your costs as soon as you’ve made them, and thus not wait to the end of the year. This way we have a clear overview of the funding that is left for other events.

Yes!! All the expenses made in a year need to be submitted that same year. For example: expenses made in 2024 need to be submitted in 2024. 

We try to fund you the money as quickly as we can. In general, this means we will send you the money within one or two weeks. If it has been longer, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a status.

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