One of the ways we strive towards our mission is by facilitating projects. These projects can be about almost all things as long as it has an impact on our mission, contributes to the local community and can potentially create cooperation between different countries.
Another element we want to incorporate within the project tool is to promote reproducibility. This means different European teams helping each other with organising projects out and sharing best practices. The biggest impact is created when one project is organised in multiple European countries or national teams.
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Projects with impact

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Project inspiration 2024

Most teams will be giving their time and energy towards the European Parliament elections. To achieve the highest impact and foster engagement, we have combined the ECP with the Volt There goals and incorporated specific themed days/months.


This document is to give you inspiration for your project. You don’t have to follow these specific project elaborations. See it as a first idea to your perfectly fitted local project!

Project report template

Write your own project report with this template.

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