Volt Discussion Series

One of the ways we aim to enthusiastically talk about all important issues in Europe is by facilitating discussions. Organising a way for people to feel heard empowers them. These discussions are not only open to Volt members, but all citizens, which is crucial when wanting to consider different perspectives around an issue.
Organising one discussion is already great. But the biggest impact is created when organising not one but multiple discussions. Volt members and citizens in general will slowly feel comfortable and different topics will bring different people to the discussion.
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Discussions with impact

Resources you need for your VDS

Submit proposal 2024!

Submit your proposal here, and we will let you know as soon as possible if it is accepted.

VDS inspiration 2024

Most teams will be giving their time and energy towards the European Parliament elections. To achieve the highest impact, we have incorporated the ECP within the VDS overview.

This document is to give you inspiration for your discussion series. You don’t have to follow these specific VDS elaborations. See it as a first idea to your perfectly fitted local VDS.

Explainer document

All you need to know to organise a VDS event: basic principles, team, planning, and responsibility.


Overview of all to think about when organising a VDS.

VDS report template

After organising your VDS we would like a report of your series. This is also a great way to showcase what you have done to other people! 

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