Podcast with Noor Lamarty

Noor Lamarty, a known activist and influencer in Spain, explores Volt through an 8-episode, each approximately 40 minutes long, podcast with different personalities of Volt from Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Portugal.

The proposed guests and themes are as follows (order is not indicative):

  • Clara Panella: Federalism and EU reform
  • Cristian Castrillón: Security and defense
  • Rachele Arciulo: European values
  • Damian Boeselager: Migration
  • Yago Jaén/Daniel Bernardo: Youth
  • Sophie in ‘t Veld: Rule of law
  • Inés Moreno: Innovation, business, and artificial intelligence
  • Duarte Costa: Climate change
More info?

Contact volt.there@voltnederland.org for more information regarding this initiative.

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