Discussion with EP candidates

The aim of the series of events is to promote the values of Volt and show people our community as a pan-European party. Since EU elections are a few months away, it’s important to energize people to vote and form a clear and informed decision about their choices. They will also have the opportunity to meet and discuss with 6 well-esteemed candidates that are included in our ballot. This is also a great chance for Volters in Cyprus to bond and uplift the Volt spirit, especially during this critical period of elections.

1. Andromachi Sophocleous
Co Vice-President, Volt Cyprus: Political Analyst, Activist. Her areas of expertise include, among others, the rise of the far rightenergy developments in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus problems.
2. Hulusi Kilim
Secretary General Volt Cyprus: International Trade, Activist. His areas of expertise are the reconciliation efforts of the people of the island. He is trained in conflict resolution and attended critical mass leadership programmes in the USA.
3. Lysia Demetriou

Clinical Researcher. Her interests include women’s health and mental health issues, as well as modernization in education.

4. Makarios Drousiotis

Investigative Journalist, Writer. His main area of expertise is corruption in Cyprus and his latest published work is a trilogy about corruption in Cyprus involving the former President of Cyprus. 

5. Nikolas Kyriakou
Lawyer, EU Official. As an international human rights lawyer he worked in the European Union, with positions at the Court of Justice of the EU, Europol and Eurojust.He is a national expert in studies regarding European environmental law, has published the book “10 + 1 myths about the Cyprus problem” and has participated in all stages of the negotiations on the Cyprus problem in Nicosia, Mont Pelerin, Geneva and Crans Montana.
6. Sophia Vassiliou
Research Specialist. Her area of expertise is in real time electronic measurements for TV, Radio & Print media in Cyprus. She is also a yoga therapist and promotes people’s well-being and quality of life.
More info?

Contact volt.there@voltnederland.org for more information regarding this initiative.

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