Italian Political Financing

Following the publication of an article together with The Good Lobby Italia and Raise the Wind in September 2023, we outlined the shortcomings of the Italian system when it comes to political financing: lack of transparency, no code of ethics, the legally prescribed systems inaccessible to new and young political forces. All this generates corruption, the creation of entities to circumvent the system such as foundations, and a general distrust of Italian politics on the part of citizens. Together with these associations and Transparency International Italia, we will draw up a first draft of recommendations (a ‘Manifesto for ethical, transparent and democratic financing of Italian politics’) to be shared with the treasurers of the other Italian political parties and to be openly discussed with them and with journalists, experts, academics and civil society at a public event in Rome on 16 April 2024. By also involving parliamentarians from political forces close to us, we could draft a bill on the subject and thus contribute not only to the public debate but also concretely to Italian legislation on the subject).

More info?

Contact volt.there@voltnederland for more information regarding this initiative.

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